Steampunk Magic


Actually that’s not true. A lot of Old Era magical relics still exist, but by and large magic is gone from the world and the relics, once used up or destroyed, are gone forever. That makes them highly valuable, and heavily guarded in most cases, even basic items.

What there are, and relatively in abundance, are items known as Sigils.

Sigils are crystallized magic. But they come with some problems:

*A Sigil, by itself, does nothing. It looks like a spherical (roughly) gem, sometimes with a symbol floating inside at times. Sometimes this symbol flickers like a candle, sometimes it surfaces once every day. They’re sometimes found as having been used as ornamentation.

*Not a lot of people know how to use Sigils properly, because of some other issues they have.

*Sigils grafted directly into the flesh cause immediate death to the subject.

*Sigils have to be forged or mounted onto armor or weapons in order to be used, but this requires the use of a relatively rare ore known as Duranium, mined exclusively in Crucible (so far), to create a mounting crest. These mounting crests can also be used on the skin with no ill effects, but if too many are mounted the effects can still prove lethal.

*If Sigils (or their cousins known as Crests) are destroyed or broken on accident during the forging or mounting process, the magic is released immediately and violently onto those around it.

*Sigils are hard to identify and even harder to figure out what they do. Some dwarves, however, are becoming professional Sigilmen, and their services are expensive.

Likewise, there are Crests, which are similar to Sigils but different in the following ways:

*Whereas Sigils hold spells, Crests hold augmenting effects that are generally applied to magical weapons and armors.

*Crests are rectangular in shape and look like gemstones as well, similar to Sigils in all but shape and effect.

*Similarly, a broken Crest releases its magic. But Duranium is not required in the smithing process for Sigils, making Crests slightly cheaper to forge into weapons. The process, however, is just as delicate and dangerous.

*Whereas Sigils can hold sometimes up to three or four spell effects, Crests typically only have one or two effects, and it’s generally one effect if grafted into armor, and one effect if grafted onto a weapon.

Steampunk Magic

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