Steampunk Classes

Barbarian: As-is in the Player’s Handbook. Not highly recommended for this campaign in particular.

Bard: As-is in the Player’s Handbook, however with no magic. Most of their other abilities however remain unchanged. Could be a quite good addition to this group of criminals if played right.

Cleric: Non-existent. Any ‘cleric’ is a worshiper of one of the new gods, who do not bestow powers.

Druid: Non-existent. See me about “Naturalist” if you’re curious about something that’s a mix between Druid and Barbarian.

Fighter: As-is in Player’s Handbook. Could be a useful addition to the group of criminals.

Monk: As-is in Player’s Handbook. Any monk who takes “deflect arrows” can also deflect bullets as per the spell. Probably not the best addition to the career criminal group, but ex-monk might work.

Ranger: As-is in the Player’s Handbook but with no magic. There is no magic in the Ranger’s bond with an animal. Could be a good addition to the group if done right.

Rogue: As-is in the Player’s Handbook but cannot take Rogue talents that give spell-like abilities (such as Major and Minor Arcana). Probably one of the best picks for this scenario.

Sorcerer: Non-existent. Any ‘sorcerers’ are charlatan bards or rogues.

Wizard: See Sorcerer.


All, save for Cavalier, are pretty much non-existent. However, with Cavalier, Knights and their ilk have gone out of fashion in the last century or so, though the Dwarves still have a knighthood system of sorts (they are known as Hersirs). Ninja and Samurai have no context to be present in this world, and if you really really want to we can talk about Gunslinger but for the most part I think it’s not important. Still, Cavalier probably isn’t the best pick for this scenario.


I have custom Alchemist, Naturalist, Surgeon, and Artificer classes that I can send you the files for if you’re interested.

Alchemist: Brews potions, poisons, and weapon coatings to aid others in combat. Might be pretty useful in this scenario.

Naturalist: Forsakes modern technology and fights with wooden and stone weapons, can fly into a primal fury to boost melee damage. Probably not the best in this scenario as a good bit of modern tech might be involved.

Surgeon: A skilled doctor who generally abhors violence, though are more than capable of self-defense with surgical strikes. Might be useful in this setting but might be hard to play.

Artificer: A brilliant mechanic who has an automaton to fight for them. Might be pretty useful in this campaign.

Steampunk Classes

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