Bain is a household name, at least amongst criminals, and amongst police. But nobody really knows if this is his name. There are plenty of ’Bain’s on Dwarven records, but nobody really knows if this Bain in particular is a dwarf, or a human, or a gnome, or a halfling. Nobody even really knows if he exists.

One thing about Bain is that he always leaves his card at the scenes of crimes he commits. He’s a professional: he doesn’t murder civilians, though he has no qualms about disposing of cops, and he has many connections in the criminal underworld. Bain targets the big boys: high-end jewelry stores, banks, airships in dock, opium houses, the works.

The thing is, Bain didn’t do jobs tremendously often. He would jack all the gold in the First Bank of Cloudbreak, and then disappear for a year or two. And then he’d return just as sudden. But after one job, he was gone for two years, and then three. And then four.

Whatever happened, Bain isn’t dead. Nobody believes that he can even be killed. But whatever happened, Bain is out of the big picture. But you can believe that he’ll find a way to use his criminal mind to the detriment of society and to his own benefit.


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